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Learn about the latest ValueRays® products, contests, giveaways and deals for our loyal "hot" followers!  There's nothing like a cozy, warm work area on a chilly day.  Stay warm.  Work smart.  Use ValueRays® Infrared Heat computer gadgets to soothe tired, overworked and stressed hands, feet and more!

ValueRays® heated mice are the coolest little hotties online!

Mouse Warmer

Tim Dowling Tweets in June - I've Got a Cold Mouse Hand!

Heated Mouse by ValueRaysAnd, the Mouse Warmer blog responds with a solution to Tim's cold mouse hand..... the Heated Mouse by ValueRays.

Solving a cold mouse hand is easy with an infrared heated mouse.  Available in several colors and styles, the heated compute mouse relieves cold hand pain fast.  Plus, the deep penetrating infrared heat soothes aching muscles and tension by providing better circulation to the mouse hand fingers.

Mouse Hand

Fox News: Fox & Friends Debut the ValueRays Heated Mouse & Heated Keyboard Pad

When the chill is making your teeth chatter, wrap your hands, feet and legs around some of the ValueRays Infrared Heated Computer Accessories to keep that chilly office space warm any time of year!  Fox News: Fox and Friends did just that!  With the help of HeatedMouse.com, a warm mouse and warm keyboard pad solved a cold office problem fast!

Mouse Hand Warmer® Blog

Hot Mouse! New Gadgets to Keep YOU Warm!

Yup, it's a Pink Heated Mouse with a built in heat control switch on its USB cord.  The larger ergonomic shape of the warming computer mouse makes it ideal for people who suffer with painful mouse hand.  The pink warm mouse is for right handed users, so if you are a lefty and want infrared heat from your computer mouse, you'll probably want one of the other heated mice on this page.

Warming Mouse - Mouse Warming

Warming mouse hot gadgets picks

Any time of year, when a little extra warmth is needed in the office, a ValueRays Heated Gadget delivers.  Delivers warm, infrared heat to a cold mouse hand, cold feet or cold shoulders.  The Warming Mouse blog's best picks are from HeatedMouse.com
There are a variety of warming products using the USB port to provide a low volume of warmth for computer users.  One of our favorites is the Heated Mouse.  The ergonomic shape and inside heater provides a soothing relief to an overworked, or cold mouse hand.

Heated Mouse Pad

Heated slippers to keep your cold feet warm

A fairly new USB heated gadget introduced by ValueRays® is the USB warming slippers to keep your cold feet toasty warm while sitting in front of the computer or just about anywhere!  The fuzzy slippers connect to any USB port on a computer or electrical outlet.  Using an USB Adapter, these slippers will keep your cold feet warm sitting just about anywhere -- even in front of the T.V.!


Heated Mouse

ValueRays receives Amazon Top Seller Award

Holiday shopping comes once a year, and this past year ValueRays® received Amazon's prestigious Top Holiday Seller 2012 Award!  
ValueRays® are valuable infrared heat rays.  Heated computer gadgets designed with a carbon fiber heating element producing deep penetrating and soothing infrared heat.  

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Mouse Hand Warmer®

Heated Mouse Pad Warms Hand - Thumbs Up!

The ValueRays Heated Mouse Pad gets a thumbs up!  
Just received a new hard surfaced mouse pad and must share some thoughts about the multi-functions of this great little computer gadget.  First, a small area on the mouse pad's surface is heated.  The heating fiber is made of carbon making the heat infrared.  Very nice on a chilly morning in a cold office and freezing cold desk top.  
Second, there are two USB cords for connecting the heated mouse pad to the computer.  One controls the heat function and the other creates two amazing functions:  a night light trim and a very handy 4-port USB panel.  

Cold Mouse Hand

It's cold somewhere - mouse hand knows


It might be 97 degrees in the desert, but it's still chilly somewhere, and that means a cold mouse hand can be a problem.  People who sit in front of the computer all day know there's a point in time when freezing cold fingertips make it difficult to work.  Poor circulation associated with diabetes creates cold hands.  Arthritis also has a tendency to create chill and numbing fingertips. 
Infrared heat is a great source of relief and comfort for a cold mouse hand.  The deep penetrating effects of infrared heat relax muscles and tense muscles.  The Heated Mouse by ValueRays is an ideal source of infrared heat for computer users.  It's available online at HeatedMouse.com or directly through the manufacturer at ValueRays.com.