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Welcome to HeatedMouse.com - home of the Heated Mouse, Mouse Hand Warmer® and many other ValueRays® infrared heated computer gadgets. If you or someone you know spends time in a cold work environment, has cold hands or suffers from the cold when using the computer, we have USB infrared heated ergonomic hand warmers to help relieve tense muscles and provide soothing relief.  The Warm Mouse, Heated Mouse Pad and Heated Computer Keyboard Pad are just a few of the ValueRays® heated gadgets available through HeatedMouse.com.

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Raynaud's & Scleroderma Association UK - Chief Executive

Anne Mawdsley is the Founder & Chief Executive of the Raynaud's & Scleroderma Association in the UK.  Anne was diagnosed with Raynaud's in 1975 and Scleroderma in 1984.  We are honored to share her ValueRays® testimonial. I have recently been introduced to some excellent products which I feel could be of great interest to people who like myself, have Raynaud’s and regularly use a computer.


I can honestly say that these products are worth a try if you suffer from cold hands. They are compatible with both PCs and Macs and are available from ValueRays® at heatedmouse.com.

Can you believe that there is a heated mouse,  a heated blanket to cover the mouse and a warm keyboard pad? These items can be used together or separately and are really effective. Anyone who has Raynaud’s will know the problem particularly on a cold morning, trying to use your computer when the fingers are numb. With these items this problem can be overcome and you can work with warm hands. I am not sure which is my favourite - putting my hand into the fleecy blanket while operating the mouse or using the heated wrist pad which sits in front of the keyboard. You can rest your wrists on it while warming up your hands and it is really toasty.


Writer, Editor & Computer Dependant

Lynne Chapman has depended upon the use of her hands her entire career.  As a professional hair stylist and writer, Lynne spends her days using her hands to do what she loves.  As a writer and editor using the computer is key to her success.  Lynne shares her thoughts about the value of infrared heat and the Mouse Hand Warmer blanket.


The ValueRays USB Mouse Hand Warmer:    As a hairdresser for over 40 years, my hands have taken a beating -- arthritis and stiff joints. Now as a writer, and editor of the Hair and Christian Living sites of BellaOnline.com, I'm on the computer for hours at a time. Cold drafty rooms in the winter and air conditioning in the summer cause stiffness and aching in my mouse hand.  As soon as I slid my hand into the USB Mouse Hand Warmer, I knew I loved it. It was very cozy and soothing - like a little electric blanket for my hand. The heating element is in just the right spot. It centers the heat over the top of my hand so that it warms the knuckles and fingers but doesn't get so hot as to be uncomfortable. The mouse hand warmer is easy to use. It is easy to plug in to the USB port, and is large enough to accommodate the mouse pad and to allow freedom of movement for the mouse. I have found one problem  with the USB Mouse Hand Warmer. It is that I hate to take my hand out of it when I need to type. I wish I had thought of this little invention!

Lynne Chapman
Editor of Hair@BellaOnline
Warm Mouse, Heated Keyboard, ValueRays USB Hand Warmer, Infrared Heat, Testimonial from Raynaud's Scleroderma Association UK, Anne Mawdsley
Editor of ChristianLiving@BellaOnline

Cheboygan Memorial Hospital - Physical Rehabilitation Center

Robyn Campeau, Cheboygan Memorial Hospital Physical Rehabilitation Center is seated in the bottom row second from the left behind the green ball.  Robyn uses the computer all day assisting staff and clients.  She suffers with Fibromyalgia and Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.


Dear ValueRays

We received the ValueRays Warm Mouse, Warm Mouse Pad and Mouse Hand Warmer Blanket pouch, and we are using them everyday.  Several professionals in our area have tried and tested the ValueRays infrared heated products, and we love them! I suffer with fibromyalgia and carpal tunnel syndrome.  I can't tell you enough how much the deep penetrating heat has helped me.  First, it relaxes my hand, the joints and relieves stress.  Actually, I don't feel stressed during the day anymore because these products actually make me feel more relaxed.  I use my hands on the computer all day, and the warm mouse and warm mouse pad are a huge benefit to my daily routine. Cheboygan has a high unemployment rate, and with the economy not doing well, a lot of jobs are being lost. These products are helpful for our clients, and with the economics of the area being so poor right now, if these products assist our patients to maintain their current job positions, that would be great!

Our Occupational Therapist, Aimee Jazdzyk, also tried using the ValueRays infrared heated products and she plans to use them with her patients. Aimee has had an increase in referrals for patients with work-related hand injuries (carpal tunnel, arthritis, etc.), and the ValueRays infrared heated products will help them.

The mouse hand warmer heated mouse pad is a great inovation , and I can see how it will help many people.  We'll keep in touch.


Robyn Campeau, Physical Rehabilitation Therapy Department Warm Mouse Review & Testimonial - Warm Mouse, Warm Mouse Pad  by ValueRays - Cheboygan Memorial Hospital - Physical Rehabilitation Center
Cheboygan Memorial Hospital
Cheboygan, Michigan

Publicist& Avid Computer User

Owner,Kim Lybrand Marketing & PR. A brand, an evolution and an oppotunity! An avid computer user spends several hours daily using the computer.


My name is Kim Lybrand. I am a Publicist so I am on my phone and computer all day…..


I had noticed that various times throughout the day my hand that was using the mouse would get cold…..I tried to turn the AC up thinking that was the problem but then the rest of me was getting hot so I knew it had to be something else.


I was reading about the mouse hand warmer and decided to give it a try…….Wow what a difference that made…At first I thought how could this work and will my hand get hot since I live in south Florida and temps are always warm…..but that is not the case it works like a charm and I feel that everyone should have this product esp if you are using the computer a lot.


Kim Lybrand, Publicist Warm Mouse, Heated 

Keyboard, Mouse Hand Warmer Set - Testimonial, Warm Mouse Review by Kim 

Lybrand, Publicist
South Florida, USA
561-289-2372 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting   

Poor Circulation & Arthritis of the Hands

Joseph Drader is an Author, Writer, Real Estate Agent, and he is an avid computer user with poor circulation of the hands and arthritis.



Dear ValueRays

I received the ValueRays® Warm Mouse today, and like it says on the mouse itself "ValueRays" it is a "valuable" item.  One thing I never liked about being away from home were the cold surface temperatures for my hands.  So, it was school desktops and computer mouses giving me habitual cold hand cramps.  As a result, and as a student having to take written exams, I got accustomed to not writing at all!

I really like the On/Off switch on the heated computer mouse making it convenient to turn on when heat is needed and off when heat is not wanted.   This is important for the power supply. 

The ValueRays® Warm Mouse is definitely a comfort and a healthy, professional item to use.


Joseph Drader, Author Joseph Drader is an  Author, Writer, Real Estate Agent, and he is an avid computer user with poor circulation of the hands and arthritis.
Clinton, Massachusetts

Occupational Therapy &  Massage Therapy

Adam Parsons is a Massage Therapist, a Second-Year Occupational Therapy Graduate Student at the Virginia Commonwealth University and a part-time Occupational Therapy Technician.  Adam uses assistive technology in various conditions including Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI).  Plus, many of Adam's massage therapy clients suffer with wrist strains.


Dear ValueRays:

I received the Mouse Hand Warmer® blanket, The ValueRays® Warm Mouse and the ValueRays® Warm Mouse Pad. The three items used together make the perfect combination for heat applications during computer activities.  The USB hand warmer devices generate plenty of warm infrared heat and are easy to use and set up.  The infrared heat can easily be turned on and off when needed.

It is also important for a computer workstation to be setup with adequate wrist support and computer desk ergonomics. Along with proper setup and use, the ValueRays® USB Infrared Heaters will keep your hands warm, loose and improve circulation.

When a medical condition is determined, or in the case of certain injuries, I advise people to consult with a health professional before using heat or cold therapy.  It's important to determine the best time to use heat and when to use ice.  To determine whether heat is appropriate or if ice is needed, consult with a health professional for specific situations because in the case of some injuries, ice would be indicated until healing has occured. Imagine warm, pain-free hands during those cold mornings at the computer!


Adam Parsons, OT/S Adam Parson is a Massage Therapist, a Second-Year Occupational Therapy Graduate Student at the Virginia Commonwealth University and a part-time Occupational Therapy Technician.  Adam uses assistive technology in various conditions including Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI).  Plus, many of Adam's massage therapy clients suffer with wrist strains.
Virginia Commonwealth University

Fibromyalgia & Arthritis Thumb Joint Surgery

Judy Quinn, Racine Wisconsin, has suffered from fibromyalgia for many years, she also suffers from arthritis of the thumb joint. Recently Judy had surgery on her right hand….the hand that she uses the mouse with. Judy is a library cataloger and works on the computer all day. She uses ValueRays® infrared heated warm mouse and the warm mouse pad inside the Mouse Hand Warmer®.


Dear ValueRays:

I received the Mouse Hand Warmer blanket pouch, the ValueRays USB Warm Mouse and ValueRays USB Warm Mouse Pad.  I’m using them now.  All I can say is, “Oh my! I love them.  They feel so good on my hand!” 

I don't want to take my hand out of the blanket!  My mouse hand is still healing from thumb joint surgery, and my hand still has much pain from the surgery.  The infrared heat inside the Mouse Hand Warmer blanket feels like a heating pad on my hand. 

The products will be great at work in the summer when they turn the air conditioner on, too. I'm sitting here at my computer writing this email to you, and I don't want to take my hand out of the warmer!!!    I have been suffering with severe fibromyalgia for many, many years.  I think anyone with fibromyalgia or arthritis would love these products.  Using the heated products inside the Mouse Hand Warmer blanket creates a very warm place for my sore, cold mouse hand.  I just love it

These are wonderful products.  I think your Mouse Hand Warmer invention is the best place to use the heated mouse and heated mouse pad.  What a great idea.  Did I tell you, I LOVE IT!


Judy Quinn Judy Quinn, Fibromyalgia Patient & Arthritis Thumb Surgery - ValueRays Testimonial - Heated Computer Mouse, Heated Mouse Pad & Mouse Hand Warmer pouch!
Racine, Wisconsin
Fibromyalgia Patient & Arthritis Thumb Joint Surgery

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