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Joe Sweet about  Heated Mouse Gray:
I bought the heated mouse for my wife and ended up getting another one for myself. It's a life saver for those of us who live in a cold climate. Plus, it really helps my carpal tunnel issues. Thanks for a great product. The heated mouse is "hot."
Loria` about  Heated Mouse Gray:
I love my heated mouse so much that I just bought a second one- one for home, one for the office. I have had trouble with repetitive stress-type injuries. My hand and shoulder have been trouble free since using a heated mouse. Plus, my office can be cold on windy days here in Maine. On the cold days my hand and shoulder used to bother me a lot. The heated mouse makes this a problem of the past. I like the on/off switch. Great product!
Emily about  Heated Mouse Gray:
As someone who has Raynaud's Phenomenon, this was a great find. I can be comfortable, but my mouse hand gets incredibly cold/clammy, even in the summer. Thank you!
michael flinders about  Heated Mouse Gray:
This seems like a great idea. My wife keeps the house cold so this would be good to keep my mousehand warm.
Gerald about  Heated Mouse Gray:
The heated mouse is great! I use it all year. My office is so cold from A/C it comes in handy! Great gift idea, too.
John about  Heated Mouse Gray:
My wife always complains about being cold when she's sitting at the computer. So, I bought her and my sister a valurays heated mouse. They REALLY love it! Works like a charm!
Jerry about  Heated Mouse Gray:
I bought two. One for home and one for the office. Gifts for my wife who is always complaining about cold hands. She loves the heated mouse!!!
Janet K. about  Heated Mouse Gray:
The heated mouse really helps relieve arthritis pain. I use the computer all day. Infrared heat is relaxing to my mouse hand. Thank you. Great product.
Bob Anderson about  Heated Mouse Gray:
We live in Alaska and Wisconsin. The heated mouse and many of he other Valuerays items are wonderful cold weather problem solvers.
Lori Behr about  Heated Mouse Gray:
Lori Hoffman Behr
moon_gypsy Lori Hoffman Behr
@HeatedMouse This is so cool, I mean Hot item, haha it would feel so good on my hand in this chilly house
Amanda Jones about  Heated Mouse Pink:
My Mom and I both bought the Pink Warm Mouse III to help support breast cancer research. We were both pleasantly surprised at the shape and the heat the heated mouse produced. The ergonomic shape is really comfortable. Remember, the mouse only works for right handed users. Great item! Pink Heated Mouse ROCKS!
Cold Hands in Wisconsin! about  Heated Mouse Pink:
My mouse hand needs a mouse that is ergonomically shaped because I use a computer mouse about 10 hours everyday. I found the ValueRays heated mouse and was happy to try it out. The Pink Warm Mouse is perfect. The shape is new and it feels very comfortable. I really enjoy the heated mouse because it's very cold in Wisconsin. Thank you.
michael flinders about  Heated Mouse Pink:
This seems like a great idea. My wife keeps the house cold so this would be good to keep my mousehand warm. Plus my wife would love it because it is pink
Jeremy about  Heated Mouse Pink:
My sister uses this mouse. I bought if for her birthday and she loves it. It's for right handed people. The ergonomic computer mouse with infrared heat is very nice for her cold hands.
Luann Jenkins about  Heated Mouse Pink:
This right handed ergo shape with heat is awesome. New shape feels great. Warmth feels amazing. I love the pink heated mouse for sure!!!!
Tom Wheeler about  Heated Mouse Pink:
Great gift idea. Thank you. Never knew a heated mouse existed!!!!
Pinky about  Heated Mouse Pink:
I live for pink. The pink heated mouse is the best ever.
Julie about  Heated Keyboard Pad:
I bought the ValueRays Heated Keyboard Pad and I love it! It gives me the perfect support for typing and adds just the right amount of warmth to keep my wrists and hands warm. I use it all winter and during the summer when the A/C is over my desk.
Kenneth P. about  Heated Keyboard Pad:
Perfect. Low heat. Soft support.
Betsy Chambers about  Heated Keyboard Pad:
Infrared heating element can be moved inside the pouch making it ideal. There are over 20 people in my office using this heated keyboard pad.
pat otoole about  Heated Keyboard Pad:
I want to order this heated wrist rest
Adam about  Heated Keyboard Pad:
Fits perfectly in front of my keyboard. I rest my wrists on the pad with heat and use it without heat. I use the keyboard pad all year long.
Jenny about  Heated Shoulders:
I'm so happy to see you made the shoulder warmer. I will be your first customer when it arrives. I use all the ValueRays products!!! I love them all!!!
Sally in Alaska about  Heated Shoulders:
VERY happy with the Valuerays shoulder warmer. I LOVE IT! It provides real warmth!
Ani Ma about  Heated Shoulders:
Recommended for sure! Works nicely. Keeps my shoulders warm with or without the heater turned on. I love it. Valuerays shoulder warmer helps really good.