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Julie about  Heated Keyboard Pad:
I bought the ValueRays Heated Keyboard Pad and I love it! It gives me the perfect support for typing and adds just the right amount of warmth to keep my wrists and hands warm. I use it all winter and during the summer when the A/C is over my desk.
Kenneth P. about  Heated Keyboard Pad:
Perfect. Low heat. Soft support.
Betsy Chambers about  Heated Keyboard Pad:
Infrared heating element can be moved inside the pouch making it ideal. There are over 20 people in my office using this heated keyboard pad.
pat otoole about  Heated Keyboard Pad:
I want to order this heated wrist rest
Adam about  Heated Keyboard Pad:
Fits perfectly in front of my keyboard. I rest my wrists on the pad with heat and use it without heat. I use the keyboard pad all year long.
Kelly Ann about  Heated Keyboard Pad:
One of my favorite items (I ordered the 5-piece set and I love them all!!!). I like the keyboard pad because it has a low warm heat, not hot, and I can move the heating element around inside the case to position it right where the warmth is needed......
Jenny about  Heated Shoulders:
I'm so happy to see you made the shoulder warmer. I will be your first customer when it arrives. I use all the ValueRays products!!! I love them all!!!
Sally in Alaska about  Heated Shoulders:
VERY happy with the Valuerays shoulder warmer. I LOVE IT! It provides real warmth!
Ani Ma about  Heated Shoulders:
Recommended for sure! Works nicely. Keeps my shoulders warm with or without the heater turned on. I love it. Valuerays shoulder warmer helps really good.
Michelle Lewis about  Heated Shoulders:
Just enough warmth to keep the stress away from my back and shoulders while I sit and work long hours at the computer. I recommend the heated shoulder shawl for sure.
Amy in Maine about  Heated Shoulders:
I need all the warmth I can get. Cold shoulders are gone. Love this.
Heated Mouse Lover! about  Heated Hand Warmer:
I bought the heated mouse and then came back and bought the USB Mouse Hand Warmer. I love this little blanket. It's just like a mini electric blanket for my mouse hand. You can't beat the price for some extra warmth. Doesn't get real hot, it's just right to keep my hand from freezing! EXCELLENT PRODUCT!
Jake about  Heated Hand Warmer:
People laughed at me when I brought the mouse hand warmer blanket into the office. Now, they all want one! HAH!
Jill Andrews about  Heated Hand Warmer:
My mouse hand warmer is like crawling under the covers of my electric blanket. I really love this invention. Took me about an hour to get used to using it. Now I'm addicted.
Jason about  Heated Hand Warmer:
Heated mouse blanket nice with heated mouse.
Cathy Noble about  Heated Hand Warmer:
I'm so glad I found this website. The prices here are better than anyone else selling the heated mouse, mouse hand warmer blanket and all the other items. I love this little blanket because if I don't need the heat, I can keep my hand protected from the ceiling fan above my desk. The A/C vent creates such a cold draft my mouse hand gets cold.
Kramer about  Heated Chair Pad:
I contacted the site and they said this item will be available by early Fall 2010. I'm getting it for sure!
Mr. Marhews about  Heated Chair Pad:
I bought this chair warmer for all the people in our warehouse. They are really happy. It works nicely for people who sit all day at the computer. Now, I'm getting them some of the other Valuerays infrared heaters, too.
Judy Williams about  Heated Chair Pad:
I'm so happy I bought this heated chair warmer pad. It's just enough warmth. Mornings are so cold in the office.
Alice W about  Heated Chair Pad:
Comfortable and a little warmth right where it's needed. Novel idea for computer users.
Al and Jude about  Heated Chair Pad:
We bought these and we are very happy with the product and the customer service.
Hot Ars about  Heated Chair Pad:
Everyone in my office wants one of the heated chair pad! It's the talk of the office and it doesn't need the computer's USB port to work. I plug mine into a USB adapter on the power strip. Works perfectly. Love it!!!!
Cold Feet in Chicago about  Heated Slippers:
My feet are always cold. Especially when I'm sitting at my desk. So, I tried the heated slippers and they really make a difference. Not only are they made very well, but the low warmth really make my feet feel comfortable.
Jessica H. about  Heated Slippers:
OMG! These slippers are so hot! I actually am the envy of the entire office. My cold feet are no longer a problem. Thank you HeatedMouse!
Art Mabry about  Heated Slippers:
Just enough warmth, not too hot and just enough heat to keep my feet warm when I'm sitting at the computer. The disconnect plug on the cord makes it easy for me to get up and walk around when needed. These will be super great gifts this winter. Love the black furry full shoe style. Love 'em!